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East Central Synod of WI Resource Center
Sunday School Christmas Worship 2007
This is a Sunday School-led Christmas service that tells the Christmas story with commentary about the Chrismons on the Christmas tree. The speaking parts include narrations, bible readings, anad prayers to lead. The rest of the children dress in costume to take part in the Christmas scene. Some of the carols are sung by the children and some by the congregation, so the musical demands are moderate. Children's Christmas Programs, Chrismons
GSLC Financial Pledge Calculator
This is a word document with user instructions and a formatted MS Excel spread sheet which can be used to calculate a member's annual contribution, plus additional offering distributions. Stewardship, Pledges
IM Travelin Blurbs
This is a compilation of blurbs that can be put in bulletins and newsletters to promote stewardship over the summer for vacationers. I.M. Travelin is a fictional member of the congregation who sends postcards and notes to the congregation while on vacation. These blurbs serve as gentle reminders to not forget church during the summer months. Stewardship
Lenten Skit: A New Commandment, "Lenten Losers" or Burger to Bust"
This is a script for a Maundy Thursday skit.It is set after lunch during a middle school recess with three middle school students and Jesus as the characters. Lent, Skit, Youth
Amazing Race-Bible Scavenger Hunt
This is a Bible verse scavenger hunt which requires participants to determine a key word common to a group of Bible verses which is a clue to various locations throughout the community. There are clues listed for twenty different locations in the city of Neenah, but they could be adapted for other locations.
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