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Tag: forgiveness
Forgiveness: The Path to Freedom
This essay was written for an op-ed column for The Post Crescent newspaper in Appleton, WI. It admits to the difficulties inherent in forgiveness but also acknowledges the freedom that Christ gives when forgiveness is given a chance to work in our hearts toward those who have wronged us. Told with true-life stories, it makes forgiveness a realistic option in the midst of heartbreaking pain.
4 Lenten Biblical Dramas
These Skits can be used for Lenten Mid-week services. "Sin" iis based on the text of Genesis 4:1-16. "Forgiveness" is based on the text of Genesis 37-50. "Discipleship" is based on the text of Matthew 20:17-28. "The Church" is based on the text of John 17:20-26
Service of Individual Confession and Forgiveness
We built a liturgy around the Order for Individual Confession and Forgiveness, which included a message, hymns and prayers. We brought in a guest preacher who also served as one of four clergy who were available, in separate rooms, to receive/hear individual confession. This was prompted by a desire to return to the use of Individual Confession and Forgiveness incorporating it as part of Lent/Advent disciplines. We hope that has been educational for why a service was offered and provided a time/place for those who wanted to confess. We suggest for others interested in this idea that you may want to institute some "regular" time for confession
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