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Identifier: 12292252925
Dying a Wow Machinima
Machinima is a new form of animation which uses images taken from video games in order to tell a story. One of the most popular games used today is WOW (World of Warcraft). At the time I wrote this which is about two years ago, machinima to my knowledge hadn't explored any type of religious experience.

X-fire had been doing yearly contests to promote its website and machinima. I entered my film into the two minute short contest. It didn't win but I had a lot of nice reviews.

Here is the first ever WOW machinima to touch on any religious ideas.

Thanks you to Brandon Dennis for her hardwork and gift of music.


This work is licensed under a
Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 License

Tags used to describe this contribution
  lord's prayer     machinima     media     meditation     psalm 23     video  
Reviews count: 1 - Average rating: 4.00
This is a really evocative and haunting short piece (maybe 2 minutes?) that combines animation images from video games with the Lord's Prayer and part of Psalm 23. Definitely worth taking a look at this!
Mary Hess | 6 Jan 2009
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