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Identifier: 12950386310
Introduction Lesson to Ash Wednesday for Youth
Introduction to Ash Wednesday
Goal: To provide a basic idea and definition of what Ash Wednesday means to the Lutheran tradition as well as in a general sense to the world as a whole. Objectives:
• Youth will participate in a small group setting where they will be share their current knowledge of Ash Wednesday and other terms or phrases that are related.
• Youth will engage in a discussion on the results of the gathering common knowledge piece.
• Youth will have the opportunity to listen and form for themselves a personal meaning and definition of Ash Wednesday.
• Youth will decide on a 6-week commitment.
Ash Wednesday, Lent, Youth

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  ash wednesday     lenten     youth  
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I have been invited to meet with a youth group from another congregation to discuss topics during the Lenten season and found this contribution very helpful. It gave me some great questions for discussion and this exactly what I was looking for. I am hoping that after meeting with this group of teenagers, I will be able to bring what I learned back to my congregation so that we may get some conversations started in our church specifically with that age group. I will be keeping this for future use and will definitely use it next year during the Lenten season. I think this format could be used throughout the year and am excited to bring this to our congregation.
Sherri Lawrence | 27 Mar 2011
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