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Tag: film
Martin Luther - a film based youth study guide
Who was Martin Luther? What was the reformation? How do either of these matter today? This study guide attempts to shed light on these questions. Using the 2003 film "Luther", youth will embark on a journey through history and discover how the themes of this movie relate to them today.
Theological Reflection in Film
Here is an exercise for theological reflection based on the film A.I. Artificial Intelligence (2001). The format for theological reflection brings together culture, tradition (Scripture, Lutheran Confessions), the participant’s experiences and one’s own positions or convictions(here I reference a number of relevant ELCA social statements). (1) There are ten sections and each lists the scenes, a synopsis, and questions as well as further resources for reflection. (1)Patricia O’Connell Killen and John deBeer. The Art of Theological Reflection. New York: Crossroad Publishing, 2007. 95-102.
Finding Your Voice: A Contextual Small Group Study
Many people struggle with finding their own voice. Oftentimes, it’s rooted in a variety of internal struggles: insecurity, low self-esteem, or simply the absence of an experience requiring a voice to be heard. This study discusses the meaning and importance of having a voice and explores a variety of styles demonstrated by luminaries in politics, music, and art. This study seeks to affirm that all of us, as children of God, have a voice. He crafted us uniquely for a specific purpose. Our journey is to learn what that purpose is, and glorify Him through its fulfillment.
Film Discussion: God Grew Tired of Us
These are discussion questions I wrote to use after a showing of the film "God Grew Tired of Us" in my congregation in 2008. The 2006 documentary film chronicles a group of "Lost Boys" of Sudan as they journey from a refugee camp in Africa to new lives in the United States.
Six Week Film Study
I think film is one of the most powerful ways to reach people, especially in today’s society. People connect with film on a level unlike anything else. If we can get them to take that connection and use it to consider the possibilities this carries for their Christian faith, we can very possibly change the way they see the world. This is a six-week film series to help deal with these issues. I have chosen six different films, some more recent and some not so recent, all with something different to say about God, Jesus, or various other Biblical messages. I include a brief summary of each film, a focus point for each film, followed by some study questions to be used for it to jump start a discussion. I also include a prayer to be used either at the beginning or end of each film discussion session.
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