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Identifier: 13096362719
A Study Guide for Creating TV/Movie-Bible Study Guides/ Talking To God - A Futurama Bible Study
Being a big fan of a variety of TV programs, but having no means to discuss them in a Biblical/Theological way I developed this guide to aid in creating your own group Bible studies for whatever programming you find relevant. Included is an example I created using the process.

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  bible     futurama     godfellas     guide     movies     popular culture     prayer     religious education     study     tv  
Reviews count: 1 - Average rating: 5.00
This is perhaps the best single example I've seen on this site of a guide to engaging a piece of popular culture in the context of religious education. The author lays out his rationale and principles for the study, and then proceeds to offer a carefully thought through and biblically sound study guide. You can definitely use this as a guide even if you'd rather use a different tv episode than the author's example (drawn from Futurama).
Mary Hess | 2 Aug 2011
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