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Is God for Real? Youth Social Media Treasure Hunt
Social Media Treasure Hunt for Youth (Adolescent/Teens)

LEADER DIRECTIONS: This is a social media treasure hunt for middle age or teen age students perhaps for Confirmation or a Bible study for a youth group. After this treasure hunt and Bible readings a discussion could be held and prayer at the end of the session. This could be done as a group with a big screen for the entire group or have the kids bring their lap tops or Smart phones to do the project or perhaps if there are a few computers throughout the church have the kids get in small groups to work on their treasure hunt and verses and all come together to discuss the treasures that were found. Prizes could be awarded for all who complete the treasure hunt, one leader can be with each small group to lead discussions and help. Or the computers could be set up as stations that each youtube.com video can be viewed at and then move on, except kids may be waiting for the group ahead of them to finish in this case.

Is God for real?
Let’s Search for proof using Social media (Youtube.com and Google or Bible Gateway or other on-line Bible resources) and the Internet:





Now that these treasures are being discovered by you, let’s search in the Bible to back up some of these witnesses, places and discoveries. Using an online Bible or Google search find these scriptures. (If there are several in the group have each do one search and read it aloud to the group- Use NRSV or NIV versions or those that you feel would be most meaningful to adolescents or teens)
Luke 2:1-21
Isaiah 53
Psalm 139:1-18
Genesis 1:2
Revelation 21:4
Acts 17:28
Jeremiah 31:3
1 John 3:1
Ephesians 3:20

Group discussion questions:
Did anything in these videos or Bible verses strengthen or question your belief or faith?
What struck you as the most intriguing images or thoughts that you noted in what was seen or heard today?
What was thought provoking for you?
Does this leave you with more questions? What are they?

Prayer props:
LEADER DIRECTIONS: To close the session have the kids say a prayer request, praise/ thanksgiving, in 3 words or less. Start with the leader saying “ I pray for---“ and each person in turn adds 3 words or less until they are back to the leader who ends the prayer with the Lord’s prayer. This will allow all to pray, yet these youth need only to think of 3 words or less, about what is on their heart and mind to pray about just then, and this will hopefully build confidence in group prayer, which is hard for most of us, especially adolescents as beginners in prayer in front of others.

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